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Selected poems from The Collect of the Day

By Jeanie Tomasko

Jeanie Tomasko

Jeanie Tomasko

Jeanie Tomasko is the author of a good handful of poetry books and chapbooks and her work has appeared in many journals. Find out more about her at

O Lord, open thou our lips

light is so much more
with clouds

I walk alone

why anyone would want to speak

to interrupt
the wind

it isn’t my place
to say 

to watch
the hours

finch on aster


sift the sky through
for god


Twelfth Day: Morning Prayer on Lake Superior

        the mind and heart are ... mystery 
— Psalm 64

We come to the lake and it’s hard
to take it in, all those old souls
riding the waves and you, taken down

by their happiness, and I ask where
in your body do you feel the lake,
and I tell you I feel a weight in my chest, 

a heart, a fistful of heart, 
right here, 
and how is it such slap and rock and shore, 

such wind and wave unceasing, 
how is it
we name such clamor: stillness


Twenty-Second Day: Mourning Prayer

                                           sorrow — Psalm 107

leaves blow across the street, a sorrow of leaves
full moon to new moon, a sorrow of moons
a ravel of geese arrow south

there was the day she left on her wings
left her drums and her poems here with us  
a sorrow of drums and poems

all those yesterdays, all those  
clouds and then we ate funeral food, everywhere
a sorrow of clouds and food

dust on her books, pages
un-thumbed, tell me where are the great mercies
in this sorrow of dust